Friday, April 10, 2009

Goodies for Easter!

We have made these cookies so many times, and they taste better and better every time! At least we think so! They are Lemon Ricotta Cookies from Giada DeLaurentiis. The cookies come out really soft with a subtle lemon flavor and the lemon glaze gives it the pefert tart finish! You will DEFINETELY love these!
You can find the recipe here!
Next we have Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies.
We saw these over at Bake or Break and HAD to make these. Anything with mascarpone is good! These weren't overly chocolately and thats what we like. We like chocolate, but only so much of it. (We know, crazy...) You can find the recipe here.
Are you hanging in there? We still got a few more recipes! These are peanut butter balls from Cast Sugar.
We've made these before and totally forgot about them! They are YUMMY! The graham cracker crumbs make these over the top!! Whats not to love with this recipe!
Click here for the recipe!
Heres another recipe from Bake or Break.
Get ready for these...
Say that 5 times fast! =)
How could you see this recipe and not make them ASAP?!
These we're pretty easy to whip up and came out just as expected. VERY GOOD!
This recipe is definitely going into our recipe books! =)
Last but NOT least we have OREOMISU! Yah you heard us right. Not TIRAMISU.... OREOMISU!! This is just a genious idea! Theres nothing much to tell besides TRY THIS RECIPE!!
You can find the recipe over at Clumbsy Cookie.
*One tip is to dip the oreos quickly in milk or they will get soggy!
Would you believe that we made all these (minus the oreomisu) in less than 48 hours!? And the even crazier thing is that we are still not done yet!
Stay tuned for some more mouth watering, jaw dropping desserts! =)