Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TWD: Tartest Lemon Tart

Ok we're back on track with Tuesday's with Dorie (TWD). We missed a few weeks in a row... Between Maria's wedding and both of us fixing up our new homes, it leaves little time for baking. This weeks recipe was this lemon tart. When we first read the recipe we were kind of worried... the recipe included one and a half lemons... the ENTIRE lemons! Without the seeds of course. We don't know about you, but we have always read that you should never use the white part in lemons because it's very bitter...
We still followed the exact recipe because we wanted to see what would happen. So what did we think?...
At first bite, it tasted just like any other lemon bars. Then once you swallowed that bite and let it flavors set in, you could taste it... the bitterness.. It was just a little bit though. Maria tasted it more.
Our mom tried it and thought it was really good! She loves anything lemon. She didn't know that the recipe called for the enitire lemons so maybe that's why? Who knows!
The recipe was chosen by this blog, Babette Feasts.
We would make this again, but as many members did, just use the inside of lemon and the skin. This recipe was super easy and fast to make! =)


Anonymous said...

I'm a SPD TWD newbie also. Your tart looks wonderful and so do your photos! The lemons I used didn't have a lot of pith so it didn't taste bitter at all. It looks like it depends on the lemons and I was lucky with that.