Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TWD: Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise

Do you guys like our new blog design?! We are so excited to have it up and couldn't be happier thanks to Samantha at Temptation Designs. She was so great to work with and was concerned about how we wanted our blog to look! We definitely would reccomend working with her. Shes great!
This week's TWD recipe, Coconut Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise, was chosen by Andrea. You can find the recipe on her blog, Andrea's Kitchen. This is 3 meringue layers filled with white chocolate ganache whipped cream with broiled carmelized pineapples on top!
The picture for this recipe always stood out to us whenever we looked through Dorie's book. Everything seemed to be going well with this recipe! The meringue turned out great, we had no promblems with the white chocolate ganache whipped cream, but then everything quickly turned into a disaster!! After baking the meringues for 3 hours we took them out of the oven only to find that they were stuck to the pan!! With help from the TWD bloggers we realized that we used wax paper instead of the recommended parchment paper.... The wax paper melted into the merinigue and the pan.... So all we could think to do was to salvage as much as we could and make a trifle layer with the broken pieces of the meringue.
So how did it taste?? Well we were so dissapointed with what happened that we were to frustrated to taste anything. We went straight to bed. We checked on it this morning and 3\4 of it was gone. We guess somebody really liked it!
We did try each individual layer as we were making everything and on their own everything tasted really good! Especially the white chocolate ganache whipped cream! Oh well! We don't think we would make this again. We look foward to next weeks Perfect Party Cake!
Stay tuned!


Kim said...

It looks really good. It is always such a downer when something goes really wrong. Most of the time I start whimpering in the kitchen until I can figure out some way to salvage it. The trifle idea was a good one. It is worth making again if you have the time or you can just eat the white chocolate ganache alone. Too good. I love your blog design. Really cute.

Jennifer said...

Love the design...and the dacquoise looks perfect...even if it didn't work out! You get an A for effort!!!!!

margot said...

It looks fantastic, that was a great save. I often feel the same way when I've had a disaster; I just get predisposed to disliking it when it's caused me stress. Your blog design is adorable, I'd love to dress mine up someday.

Lisa and Maria said...

- Kim, you're hilarious! Thanks for understanding how it feels when something goes really wrong in the kitchen! You're a doll and we love your blog!

- Jen, we're so happy with the design! Glad you love it and thanks for the A! hihi

- Margot, Thanks for the comlpiments! You should really think abour dressing up your blog! We had been wanting to for so long and finally did it! Let us know if you need any tips!

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog design - it's fabulous!
Sorry the dacquoise did not turn out the way you expected it to but your take on it looks really tasty! Those pineapples look so juicy! I had a lot of problems too but I'd make this again because it tastes soo good! (And I don't even like coconut!)