Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spinach Risotto

We love making risottos! We don't think people realize how easy they are so make! We have made several different kinds of risottos, but never one with just spinach. We came across this one online. Here is the recipe. It is super simple to make. You can have it done from start to finish in 30 minutes!
We had this for dinner last night, along with our boyfriends and parents. EVERYONE loved it!! They said it was the best risotto yet! Whenever we don't know what to make for dinner we always create some sort of risotto.
When we make risottos we starts by always cooking onions in some olive oil and butter. Then we add the rice to toast a little, followed by some white wine. Then little by little you have to add chicken broth as it absorbs and cooks! Then add whatever you want! Sauteed vegetables, spicy sausage with some saffron or even eat plain with some parmiggiano cheese!
Definitely try this recipe!! =)